Nephroflow™ Product Suite

Process-Driven Dialysis Software

For Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and for Procurement Managers

NephroFlow is a modern, user-friendly and process-driven dialysis software. The system is modular and by enabling or disabling modules and features, it can be adapted to the needs of each dialysis center.

  • NephroFlow™ Link: provides connectivity with dialysis machines and other medical devices.
  • NephroFlow™ Track: enables near real-time follow-up of ongoing treatments.
  • NephroFlow™ ID: is an application for programming identification data to patient cards used on dialysis machines.
  • NephroFlow™ Record: offers a complete system to plan, prepare and follow up dialysis sessions.
  • NephroFlow™ Orchestra: allows a truly paperless mobile workflow on top of Nephroflow Record.
  • NephroFlow™ Workbench: helps your dialysis technician to actively follow up the status of the medical devices installed in several dialysis units.

How can healthcare providers differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market?

Many institutions are implementing systems to digitize their processes so they can understand and
manage key performance indicators and quality metrics. Dialysis centers, whether embedded in hospitals
or free-standing clinics, are no exception.

Introducing a digital process-oriented management system that can help:

  • Streamline both your clinical and administrative operations.
  • Vastly improve the communication between all healthcare providers.

Patient Care

Provide patients with clinical-grade feedback on their condition and instructions on what to do next.

Data that is Measurable

Patient outcomes, engagements, and improvements.

Communication + Collaboration

Foster proactive collaboration between healthcare providers and patients.

Condition of Service +Care

Provide close coordination of services based on 24/7 real-time data.

Why use Nephroflow™ Record and Orchestra?


Reduction of manual and administrative time spent per patient per nurse per shift.


Improved patient safety regarding correct registration of administered medication.


Increase in nurses’ satisfaction regarding easy access to relevant patient data.


Reduction in administrative tasks getting in the way of patient care.

Introducing the Nephroflow™ Solutions

The NephroFlow Product Suite is a Dialysis Management Software that offers a complete range of modules that can be configured to adapt to the needs of each dialysis unit.


NephroFlow™ Link

Provides connectivity with dialysis machines and other medical devices.

Network- based connectivity of dialysis machines, weighing scales, water treatment systems and other medical devices to:

  • NephroFlow Track
  • NeprhoFlow Record
  • 3rd party Patient data management System (PDMS)
  • 3rd party Electronic Medical Records (HER/EMR)

Available for a wide range of dialysis machines.

NephroFlow™ Track

Enables near real-time follow-up of ongoing treatments.

NephroFlow Track offers nephrologists and nurses near real-time follow-up of:

  • Ongoing and historic dialysis sessions
  • Detailed parameters of each session
  • Machine settings
  • List of devices generated alarms during treatment

NephroFlow™ Record and Orchestra

Digitalized Workflow

Allows your technician to do a multi-center remote follow-up of the installed water treatment systems and dialysis machines on:

  • Preparation: Prescription entered by Nephrologist in a clear and structured format.
  • Execution: Step by step guidance throughout the treatment.
  • Follow-up: All data is immediately captured.

NephroFlow™ ID

With NephroFlow ID, the NephroFlow Product Suite has an application to write and erase patient identification data to patient cards on both chip card as well as on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags.

  • The RFID tag can be used to identify the patient on the scales when a scale is integrated in the patient data management system to send the weight of the patient to the database pre- and post-dialysis.
  • The application is available as a standalone application and is also integrated within NephroFlow Track.

Easy to use Interface

  • Only displaying absolute relevant information at the right point in time.
  • Reducing the number of clicks.
  • Clear structure for easy input and consultation of data.

Supportive Integrated Modules

  • Complete treatment records and summaries.
  • Intelligent dialysis prescriptions.
  • Drug prescriptions.
  • Planning of medical procedures.
  • Complete vascular access and wound care management.
  • Laboratory results viewer.
  • Clinical observations.

Reduction of Administrative Burden

  • Staff meetings preparations through events and medical/nursing journals.
  • Integration of a planning module.
  • Order management.
  • Billing: automatically generated billing reports and exports.

Compatible with


System requirements of NephroFlow’s Applications

NephroFlow Track and record work through a web application that is compatible with the 2 latest versions of all major browers.
Internet connction and a screen with minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024 are required.

NephroFlow Orchestra is an apple iPad application that requires iOS software version 12.0 or higher. A stable WiFi connection is required.

NephroFlow Server is only required for non- cloud installations. This is a web server that requires 4 vCPUs, 150 GB disk storage, 32 GB of RAM memory, and connection to the internet.


Dialysis Machines

The Nephroflow Product Suite supports integration with commonly used dialysis machines and weighing scales.

External systems

Out-of-the-box NephroFlow record supports a HL7 v2 interface to communicate with external systems, such as electronic health records, hospital information systems, or laboratory information systems. Other formats and integrations can be customized using our versatile integration engine.

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