Nipro Dialysis Centre – Tilak Nagar

Presents ultramodern dialysis units with the latest and advanced Japanese technologies, following international guidelines to provide the best quality dialysis at an affordable price, with over 5 decades of experience in providing renal solutions for dialysis & related treatment.

High Quality, Reliable and Safe Dialysis

Our dialysis machines provide Optimal Treatment, Quality, and Safety; they are reliable and user-friendly, facilitating the staff to work efficiently with high accuracy, offering various therapies such as HDF, Sled, CRRT, High Flux Dialysis, ICU Dialysis and Home HD.

Nipro Dialysis Unit – Kalkaji is driven by innovation and patient safety to offer the highest quality products that optimize time, effort, and costs.




Gentle and painless Hemodialysis to ensure sparkling health with superior performance guaranteed by advance Japanese technologies.

Single use consumables that are destroyed after every treatment, reducing risk of infection.

Online Dialysis Management System where data is recorded for doctors to review and make necessary adjustments.

Because every life deserves affordable care

The Nipro dialyzers are designed and manufactured in such a way that patients undergoing Hemodialysis do not suffer while the procedure is in the course. We ensure that patients go through a painless and gentle dialysis procedure. The dialyzers are made with the patient’s care in mind and hence would not cause any harm with respect to infections. They are made using Gamma sterilization techniques and are absolutely safe for use. The design is such that no blood would remain in the dialyzer after the dialysis procedure is completed. They ensure that the removal of waste products like creatinine and urea, from the patient’s body is done with success. Hemo Dialyzers are a well known product of the Brand Nipro and would be produced by Nipro India as well.

Total solution provider for Hemodialysis

Nipro Dialysis Unit – Tilak Nagar

Mall Rd, Block 17, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi – 110018.

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