Dry Citrate Dialysate

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Dry Citrate Dialysate For all Hemodialysis Patients


  • Citric acid concentrate
  • 100% acetate free
  • Dry Powder form, Saving the stock space
  • Concentrations of electrolytes after dilution of Part-A, Part-B and



Unique Dialysate Concentration

  • Potassium free type is also ready for individual demands
  • Citrate acid type of dialysate, 100% acetate free
  • Dextrose is optional for different demands from each patient
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  • Citrate-based formula by Nipro Japan.
  • Citrate is an antioxidant and anticoagulant.
  • Lower Heparin consumption.
  • Increase in membrane clearance, efficiency and reuse.
  • Elimination of acetate-related complications.
  • Superior maintenance of Acid-base balance.
  • Space-saving, Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Aluminium Pouch packing, resistant to atmospheric conditions and superior corrugated 5 ply exterior box packing for safe transportation.

Benefits of Dry Powder Form Over Liquid

  • Saving of storage space
  • Saving of wastage cost of the canister

Clinical Benefits of Citric Acids

  1. It’s reported that dialysate containing acetate may cause unwanted complications like hypotension
    Nicitrate is 100% acetate free and 0% concern about unwanted complication caused by acetate
  2. 100% acetate free dialysate may be able to reduce oxidative stress during dialysis, while Acetate is known to be associated with increased oxidative stress.
    Reduction of oxidative stress may be associated with
    improvement of anemia, which is reported in published articles.
  3. Anticoagulation effect of citrate may increase reuse times of dialyzer. Anticoagulation effect of citrate may improve Kt/V and clearance for low molecular weight substances by keeping
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