Dualpro™ IVUS+NIRS Catheter

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Together with the Makoto Intravascular Imaging System Dualpro™ IVUS+NIRS Catheter, is the only imaging system on the market today that utilizes not just intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) but also Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) to help clinicians visualize vessel structure and gain valuable insights into plaque composition.

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The Dualpro™ IVUS+NIRS Imaging Catheter Kit is a single-use, disposable coronary catheter and accessory kit designed for use only with the Makoto Intravascular Imaging System (TVC-MC10). This dual-modality intravascular imaging catheter combines 50 MHz Extended Bandwidth IVUS transducer and laser-based near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for simultaneous acquisition of vessel structure and plaque composition data — a single catheter, a single pullback, with two sets of data — and also features a durable hydrophilic coating for improved deliverability.


See a Crisper Image of Vessel Structure with the Dualpro IVUS

Makoto image


Dualpro™ is the only intravascular imaging catheter on the market today that utilizes Extended Bandwidth IVUS technology. By emitting and carefully processing a broad band of frequencies, the Dualpro™ IVUS brings you a best-in-class image resolution without compromising on the depth of field. 

With a crisper IVUS image of the vessel structure, you can identify the degree of stenosis much more easily, visualize and quantify plaque burden, determine the landing zone for a stent, and assure proper stent deployment. 


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