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Disinfectants for Dialysis Machines

  • CITRIX 50H
  • Sanacide- R7
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Citrix LA

Citric Acid Based Heat Disinfectant

Citrix-LA is a citric acid-based disinfectant dedicated to hot water immersion disinfection systems. Citrix-LA contains citric acid, malic acid and lactic acid as its main components.


  • Disinfection and decalcification in one process
  • Active ingredients composed of natural substances
  • Safe for operators and environment
  • 36 months long shelf life
  • AMTEC in JAPAN designed


  • Active ingredients: Citric acid, Malic acid, Lactic acid
  • Component concentration: 24%
  • pH: 2.2±0.1(25-times diluents)
  • Odor: Almost odorless
  • Used dilution: 1+24
  • Decalcifying: Yes
  • Cleaning: Yes
  • Material compatibility: No restriction
  • Storability after manufacture: 3 years at 5-30℃
  • Packaging: 5 L x 4 containers/carton

Precautions In Handling and Storage

  • Avoid mixing with other chemicals
  • Do not use for other purposes
  • Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight
  • See the SDS before use
  • See the IFU before use.

Citrix 50h


is a cleaning agent dedicated to hot water immersing disinfection systems that is expected to be popularized in the future.


  • Citrix-50H exhibits the detergency (protein and calcium carbonate dissolving performance) and disinfection capabilities superior to citric acid.
  • Citrix-50H possesses capabilities that satisfy the requirements of cleaning agents, such as low
    corrosiveness on machine parts, high instability, high chemical stability, etc.
  • Citrix-50H is composed of ingredients certified as food additives and is remarkably safe for humans.
  • Citrix-50H can be used at high dilution ratios and is very economical.
  • Citrix-50H has less of an environmental load than citric acid.


  • Appearance: Pale yellow to yellow clear liquid
  • Active ingredients: Citric acid/Malic acid/Stabilization medicine *Compounded ingredients are
    all food additives.
  • Component concentration: 65± l %
  • Odor: Sweet smell
  • Water-solubility: Dissolves regardless of the ratio
  • Specific gravity(25’C)): 1.298±0.005
  • pH(25’C) : 2.1 ±0. l (50-times diluents)
  • Storage stability: Three years at normal temperatures
  • Packaging : 5 L x 4 containers/ carton

Sanacide- R7


  • Sanacide-R7 is a high concentration of ingredients peracetic acid-based disinfectant, specially designed for dialysis machines, dialyzer reprocessing and
    RO water system.
  • High-level disinfection, Economically using
  • Various usage including disinfection for dialysis machines, disinfection for dialyzer reprocessing and disinfection for RO water systems.


  • Active Ingredients:3.5-4.0% PeraceticAcid, Hydrogen peroxide
  • pH: <1 (undiluted solution)
  • Antimicrobial Action: Cold disinfection at above 20 C
  • Decalcifying: Yes
  • Rust Remover: Yes
  • Material Compatibility: No restriction
  • Testing of residual disinfectant: MQuant Peroxide Test (Merck1.10011), or a test strips having equivalent detection sensitivity
  • Odor: Acetic Acid odor
  • Color: colourless
  • Storage: 18 months at 0-3- C
  • Packaging:5L x 2 containers/carton
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